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The quality of coffee depends not only on the quality of the beans and the skill of the barista, but also on the condition of the equipment. That's why investing in reliable coffee equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance is a guarantee of high productivity. Dan King offers several service packages that will make you save time and money by preventing equipment failures and malfunctions. You can choose the service package that best suits you, both in terms of type of services and payment method.



Basic service package

The basic package is ideal for those who do not have a high load on the coffee equipment. It provides the necessary preventive maintenance of the coffee equipment recommended by the manufacturer. The package includes preventive maintenance of the coffee groups and steam taps with replacement of necessary consumables. You don't have to keep track of service intervals, Dan King does it for you. Regular preventive maintenance helps prevent major breakdowns and costly repairs. With this service package you get a 40% discount on any spare parts, major assemblies and units that may need to be replaced during the operation of your coffee machine.   

Main service package

The service package (not Basic service package!) is ideal for customers with high loads on coffee equipment. It provides not only the preventive maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, but also a certain number of on-site visits by our technical specialists throughout the year. Our technicians will come to you to solve operational issues in case of malfunctions or breakdowns, as well as instruct the staff on any issues related to the operation of the equipment. If necessary, you can get a consultation over the phone. By purchasing this package, you get a 40% discount on any spare parts, main components and assemblies that are essential for the correct functioning of coffee equipment.

Full service package

The full service package is ideal for customers with high equipment loads, which typically lead to faster wear of components. The package allows you to cover the possible costs of replacing spare parts. This package includes regular maintenance work, a certain number of visits by our specialists, replacement of necessary spare parts, components and assemblies, consultations, training and trainings.

*This package is designed for the Nuova Simonelli trademark"

Long-term service package

If coffee is the main focus of your business, our Long-term service package will suit you. We will take full care of your coffee equipment including regular maintenance, on-site visits from technical specialists in case of malfunctions or breakdowns, replacement of spare parts, components and assemblies, consultations, training, as well as major repairs. The minimum term of the contract is 3 years.

*This offer applies only to the Nuova Simonelli trademark.


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