Being a good barista is about much more than just making espresso based drinks. Excellent knowledge of coffee theory, equipment used, methods and parameters of coffee preparation - all this is not a complete list of knowledge and skills of a real pro.

We are ready to share our knowledge so that you can achieve a high level of your coffee mastery. That's why we conduct trainings for you and your baristas in our training centers, which are already located in 10 cities.

Also, our trainers are always up to date with all coffee trends and will be happy to teach you alternative ways to brew coffee. Coffee courses are designed to help baristas fully understand and discover coffee as a bean, beverage and culture.
For our partners, we offer significant discounts on trainings, because it is very important for us that our coffee is always tasty and in any coffee shop. We are ready to help with the equipment settings and adjust the professional skills of the barista to get the perfect cup of coffee.
In addition to training for your staff, our trainers will teach you how to set up and maintain your equipment so that it always works perfectly. They will tell you how to deal with issues with regular preventive maintenance and consumables.

Who are our courses for:
• For a barista. For those who seek to improve their level of professionalism.
• For bartenders. If your bar has a coffee machine, then the bartender will be able to prepare really delicious coffee.
•    For students. You can easily combine study with work.
• For creative people. New experience, new knowledge, new impressions.
• For entrepreneurs. You will learn the secrets and rules that will allow you to open your coffee shop without making mistakes. And if you already have a coffee shop, then understand all the processes of preparing and organizing the work of a barista.


Includes: the theoretical part, working with equipment, setting up a coffee machine and coffee grinder, preparing basic coffee drinks, costing (product cost), prevention, proper storage of products, grinding setting.

. Origin and varieties of coffee, Arabica / Robusta (cultivation).
. Equipment, water filtration, coffee machine, coffee grinder.
. Calculation, practical training in the preparation of coffee drinks.
. Training materials (handouts, coffee beans, milk, syrups, cleaning products, etc.)

Course duration: 4 hours

Cost: 40 000 tenge

Maximum number of participants: 4 people


Includes: practical work with a coffee grinder, grinding, prevention.

. Models and types of coffee grinders.
. Millstone.
. Effect of grinding on extraction.

Materials for the training: coffee beans, cleaning products.

Course duration: 1 hour

Cost: 12 000 tenge.


Includes: theory and practical training on cleaning coffee equipment.

. Types of cleaning products and their use.
. The importance and influence of the cleanliness of coffee equipment on the taste of coffee.

Training materials: samples of cleaning products.

Course duration: 1 hour

Cost: 12 000 tenge.


Includes: preparation of basic coffee drinks.

. Preparation of espresso, macchiato, americano, cappuccino and latte coffee.
. Filtration, the effect of water on the taste of coffee.

Training materials: coffee beans, milk, syrups.

Course duration: 1 hour

Cost: 12 000 tenge.

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